Buy to Let

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Many people are interested in purchasing a buy to let property. Normally this is as a straightforward investment but sometimes people see it as a way of getting on to the housing ladder before they are able to afford their own home. In some cases people get accommodation with their job or work abroad and don't need or want to own their own home just yet. Maybe you don't have a big enough deposit to buy a buy to let on your own and want to pool your resources, or perhaps you want to share the responsibilities of being a landlord with someone else.

Another major factor is that in almost all cases you have to own your own home to able to get a Buy to Let mortgage and therefore many people that don't own their own home at present need to get the help of a family member when buying a Buy to Let property. 

Finally, it is worth noting that there have significant changes to the way that income from Buy to Let properties is taxed. We can also arrange finance to allow transfers between spouses to help maximise tax allowances available to you. Please note that Family First Finance and our employees are not qualified to offer advice on taxation and you should seek the services of a suitably qualified tax adviser. 

We understand that there are many reasons why someone might wish to purchase a buy to let property with a family member and we are here to help you by showing you the best deal for your circumstances and managing the application for you. We can also refer you to an independent, specialist tax adviser who can review your circumstances (fees apply).

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